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Registered Charity 246001




Mid-Sussex Mencap has helped many people of all ages, with a learning disability to enjoy a fuller life. We are able to:-

•  Provide finance

•  Advise or steer you in the right direction for assistance.


We welcome approaches from anyone with a learning disability or anyone who is speaking for a person with a learning disability who needs help and who lives in, or has family ties to, Mid-Sussex. This might be financial help to pay for holidays, equipment or furnishings and other needs, or to pay for vocational training or travel costs.


Mid-Sussex Mencap also welcomes requests from clubs and other charitable organisations that provide leisure activities or support for local people with a learning disability. We might be able to assist with the cost of equipment, hiring specialists or staging an event.


Being flexible means that, even if we cannot help directly, we can often suggest other avenues to try. So the short answer to the question ‘How can we help you?’ is simply, ‘However we can’.

If you have a need please contact us.





We are always in need of volunteers either for our committee, our Gateway clubs or to assist with fund raising and occassional events.  Whatever you can offer, even if it is occasional, will be appreciated.  The committee normally meets on the second Tuesday evening of each month except for August.  The Gateway clubs meet regularly but we also have collection days and other events with which you could help. If you would like to help, or are interested in finding out more, please contact Peter. Volunteering can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.


Donations and Legacies

These are always welcome as we would not exist without this type of support.  Cheques can be made out to Mid-Sussex Mencap and sent to Ian, our treasurer. No amount is too small. When leaving a legacy to us please specify Mid-Sussex Mencap as confusion can arise, and the money might end up with the wrong part of Mencap when it was intended for us at this local level.


Become a Member

Help us to help others by becoming a member for just £3.00 a year. You will receive our newsletter with up-to-date information about our activities and other current issues.

Click here to download our membership form.


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